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Ultimate Guide: Creating Fabulous Do-it-Yourself Party Printables at Home

  • 6 min read

There are a lot of different ways to make your party more fun and memorable. One way is with printables! From custom invites, thank you notes to favors or decorations - there's enough variety in this world that we can get lost trying them all out. But don't fret because if I've got just what you need: The ultimate guide on creating successful DIY printing projects from start to finish so even first-timers like myself will have no problem throwing an amazing event (whether at home or away).

What is a Party Printable?

A party printable is a type of invitation or decoration theme, that can be customized for any occasion including birthday parties, weddings, and baby showers. Examples of party printable products include:

  • Invitations
  • Thank You Notes
  • Cupcake Toppers (Straw Flags)
  • Place Cards/Favors (Water Bottle Labels, Favor Tags, Mini Bags, etc.)
  • Paper Straws/Napkin Rings
  • Party Decorations (Banners & Garlands)
  • And so much more ...

There are so many ways to make your party stand out with printables and I'm here to show you all the tips and tricks that will help ensure that it's a success.

Benefits of Party Printables

One of the main benefits is that it looks like you hired a party planner and threw a one-of-a-kind Pinterest-perfect party.

You spend less time preparing because party printables are prepped for you! This takes out all the time spent researching, customizing, and printing. And, with Krafted Party, you edit everything instantly from the convenience of your home and maybe even in your jammies.

Party printables save time and stress because your party printables are all coordinated to match the theme of your event. These types of designs are usually pre-made but can also come in a variety of customizable options such as different fonts, colors, etc.)

They are completely customized to your needs, You'll get exactly what you want with minimal limitations. It's still your creative vision, Krafted Party is just here to help support it!

Lastly, They're fun and creative - you'll be sure not to see anyone else with the same invitation!

How to Successfully DIY Print Party Printables

Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat

The first step is to ensure that Adobe Reader is installed on your computer. It may seem strange, but it's true: some individuals do not have Adobe Reader installed on their computers. So, for everyone out there who this applies, go to Adobe and download the free Adobe Reader program.

Design and Download Your Krafted Party Theme and Printables

Decide what you want to print. This is the most difficult part because there are so many options! Start by selecting a design from Krafted Party's website that ticks all your boxes.

After you select the perfect design, make sure it's customized to your liking (if needed). Here are a few tips for personalizing:

  • If text is included in the file like on labels, favor tags, or party flags - type over that area with what you want.
  • Don't delete anything unless absolutely necessary. You may need something later down the line so don't get rid of things early!

Once the digital files are on your computer, you're ready to print them at home. Alternatively, if you like, you may print them immediately through a professional online printer such as Zazzle, Vista Print, Overnight Prints, or Moo. Or send them to a local printer like Staples or FedEx Office.

Check Your Printer in Advance

krafted party ultimate guide to party printables and making sure your printer's preferences allow for cardstock printing before attempting to DIY print.

The kind of printer you have plays a role, as does the type of ink you use. Inkjet printers utilize dye-based ink that is readily absorbed into paper. However, not all printers or inks are made equal. Make certain your printer's preferences allow for cardstock printing before attempting to DIY print. If they don't and you still want to print them yourself, I recommend purchasing one of these home printers:

  • Under $200: Cannon PIXMA TS3321
  • If you print a lot of fun stuff, invest in this one, it’s worth it: Canon PIXMA Pro-100 (Tip: They sometimes sell refurbished ones that have cosmetic imperfections for huge discounts)

You'll also need to check the levels of your inks. Make sure you have enough ink to print everything you want on your design. Is there any aspect of the design that you're concerned about? Is it a lot more graphics-heavy than previous designs? Because it is so complicated, will it require more ink to print? These are all things you should think about before printing.

Choose Your Paper Wisely

krafted party ultimate guide to party printables and how paper quality is another major factor to consider.

When it comes to producing your designs yourself, paper quality is another major factor to consider. Depending on the printable items selected, you'll need many distinct types of paper. The following are our suggestions for paper:

  • Heavy Cardstocklike this oneshould be used for Invitations, Thank You Cards, 8x10 Signs, and Party Flags
  • Lighter Cardstock like this one should be used for Favor Tags, Tent Cards, and Bag Toppers
  • Sticker or Label Paper will be used for stickers and envelope closures and drink labels. Printing on this paper will require a printer that can print at least 200 dots per inch.

Let's Get Printing!

Once you have all your materials assembled, it's time to start printing! Your Krafted Party Theme and Printables are now available in a variety of sizes. They look beautiful when printed on cardstock or photo paper.

Here is how we recommend going about this process:

  • Print one sheet at a time - This way, if something goes wrong (like the printer jamming) only one item will be ruined instead of an entire design set like invitations or favor tags.
  • Do not print more than 100 items per hour - If you do that, there may be some rips along the sides because they're coming out too fast and wetting each other before drying completely which makes them stick together and rip apart while still damp from being printed.
  • Make sure your printer is set to the highest quality photo printing, and the correct paper size. Useful Guide
  • You can either use the custom color setting in your printer preferences or you may manually add a little bit of saturation and increase the contrast (this will cause colors to pop more, like they do on screen).

Also, if you plan on framing your printable item(s), please make sure that the printer settings are set to "matte" instead of "glossy." This ensures that there is no glare from inside the glass. If you're printing something small like a thank you card or favor tag then just cut it down into smaller squares/rectangles before placing them into frames so they don't take up as much room! 😊

All the Final Details

krafted party ultimate guide to party printables and how final details matter

Once all items are printed: watch out for smudges - Use an ink eraser pad if needed.

Then cut each item with scissors or paper trimmer (recommended) according to instructions provided by Krafted Party such as dimensions and trim marks before placing them into sleeves/frames/envelopes, etc.

Some other fun and handy tools include a scoring board, banner punch board, and craft tape (just to name a few).

A scoring board can help you create a nice fold on cards and invitations. Punch boards are great for making the holes in tent cards and favor tags, and even creating easy party flag banners in all sorts of shapes!

Craft tape can be used to hold items together, seal envelopes shut without using glue or a stapler, etc! It’s basically an all-purpose reusable adhesive that is super useful when you need it but not too strong if you don't want anything permanent.

Just remember: take your time - I know it's easy to get excited about getting things done fast but rushing through this process will result in mistakes being made or ruined prints so take your time and make sure each print comes out looking its best! Happy printing :)

How to Store Your Krafted Party Printables

Once you have successfully printed all your items, it's time for storage! Some of these printable party supplies are going to be small so here is how we recommend storing them:

Larger designs like invitations should be stored flat or rolled gently with paper wrapped around it.

Smaller designs can simply be put into clear plastic bags labeled by size (e.g., "Favor Tags") and stacked on top of each other because they don't take up as much space being flat as larger items do. If there isn’t enough room to stack everything that needs to go into the bag, we recommend making a small label and using painters tape or washi tape to attach it.

Label everything - It is extremely helpful (and smart) to keep every item labeled correctly by size because you will be storing them in multiple locations like these:

  • A cabinet that stores all your smaller items such as stickers and labels.
  • The basement for larger items like invitations and banners/streamers which can be rolled up easily without bending or wrinkling.
  • Bulk boxes where supplies are stored separately from each other so they do not get ruined while being transported from location A to B. This also gives you easy access when needed instead of hunting through drawers filled with lots of things! Here's one example: Gray Storage Boxes for Craft Supplies

So, as you can see ... party printables are a great way to save some money on your upcoming event! Whether it's for yourself or someone else - DIY printing is an easy and fun process that can be done with minimal time/effort. So what are you waiting for? Get started today by scrolling through the Krafted Party shop 🙌 🎉✨ 👍👏

Happy Krafting!