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Simple Cake Party: Free Invitations + Printables, Supplies & Style

This Simply Cake Party theme may be neutral colors of yellow and green, but it also holds the power for celebration and fun that is not to go unseen.

Krafted Party is a do-it-yourself party planning website that has curated the best designs, party printables, supplies, and style all onto one page. Never has planning a party been so easy and fabulous.

Feeling Krafty? Easy One-Page Party Planning

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One Page Party Planning


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Instant Online Customization - You Chose to Download or Professionally Print


Now that you've picked the perfect theme, let's get the rest of the printables you need for your party. Customize and download or professionally print these Simple Cake Party designs.



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Stationary Supplies

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Our Krafted Party mission is to make this party as easy as cake! Below, you'll find additional details to help ensure your ultimate party success. This includes input from you! Tell us how your party went, ask questions (and get answers), and leave us a review with your thoughts to help others!