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Our Birthday Cake Party Bunting Flags are a fun and personalized way to decorate your event. Our set of up to 16 flags include two accent flags, and "Happy Birthday" as the default message - which is completely editable online! Flags measure 5.5x8” pre-cut and are provided in high-resolution 300dpi format for high-quality printing.

Try before you buy and download or send to print instantly! Our online editor lets you customize your party’s details before you add to cart. 

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Online Editor & Download

★ You CAN:
✔ Change text, font size, color, and style.
✔ Save as PDF to send via text, email, or to print at home, online, or local printers.
✔ Send directly to Zazzle print with the click of a button (additional charges will apply).

★ You CAN’T:
✘ Edit artwork.
✘ Change the document orientation.
✘ Change the overall document size.