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Brand: Pukavt

Color: Gold


  • STRONG AND DURABLE: 100 Counts Wooden Cocktail Picks with gold pearl end. Length: 4.7inch. Cocktail stick can easily pierce food without shredding or splintering.
  • GREAT DECOR FOR FOOD: Cocktail Picks are easy and attractive to decor and pierce through garnish.For appetizers, use cocktail stick simply spear a few small pieces of items such as fruit, cheese, vegetables, or meats to create fresh mini skewers. Create fun garnishes by spearing fruit, olives, or candies with the cocktail pick's pointed end.
  • MAKE PARTY MORE COLORFUL: 100 count Cocktail Picks could serve 20-person-party and attract your guests on the appetizer.Cocktail stick's delicate appearance balances fun and practicality. Perfect for your entertainment and party supply needs!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Cocktail picks are made entirely of bamboo, which is a readily renewable resource. Bamboo cocktail sticks are completely biodegradable and can be thrown out with food waste. Bamboo picks are the perfect option balance of eco-friendly and convenient.
  • CONVENIENT and SANITARY: Great use as party frilled, Cocktail sticks, finger food picks, bento food picks or buffet food picks. Cocktail stick as a disposable item, they help reduce the time required to clean up after events or parties, or in restaurant kitchens.

Details: Eco-friendly can be convenient! Our Bamboo cocktail Picks are made from premium quality bamboo, and are fitted with a tiny decoration at one end. As a one-time use item, they provide convenience. Cocktail picks are eco-friendly because they can be disposed of with food waste. Looking sharp! Bamboo cocktail picks have many uses. They can be used to hold sandwiches or sliders together; giving them a cheerful pop of color and a more refined appearance. Displaying and serving appetizers and finger foods is easy and fun with our cocktail picks. Create garnishes for martinis and other drinks by spearing fruit, olives, or candy with one of our picks. Using food and drink picks adds a bit of detailed flair to each dish, and helps to show your customers you care. Durability is important! Bamboo picks are stronger and less likely to break than wooden or plastic picks. They can hold more weight than wooden or plastic picks. They do not splinter.

EAN: 0799649802426

Package Dimensions: 8.8 x 6.1 x 1.8 inches

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