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Pastel Gel Pens Set

Author: International Arrivals

Brand: Ooly

Color: Totally Taffy


  • Kids and Teens Love Them - Great back to school supplies for taking the dullness out of classroom notes and making some super colorful fun. Easy and fun to use, this assortment provides a variety of colors, fulfilling all your coloring and writing needs!
  • Premium Quality - These gel pens look pretty, smell good and write like silk, making whatever you write and draw come out with amazing gel ink color. Each pen lays down a steady sheen of wonderfully smooth and vibrant pastel color gel ink every time!
  • Great for Any Project - Great for coloring and art projects at all ages. You can make bright and colorful glittery gel pen art, DIY projects, or take your greeting card signing to a whole new level. Gel pens also write beautifully on black paper.
  • Scented Gel Pens - Assortment consists of 6 fruity scents. Scents include: orange, lemon, grape, apple and cherry. Unique scents are fun, fruity and delightful, adding an extra touch to every writing or coloring experience.
  • Easy to Carry and Store - These pens come in a clear plastic box, making them easy to take and use on-the-go. Whether going to school, work, or on a long road trip, these pens are the perfect traveling companion without the worry of messes.

Binding: Office Product

Release Date: 24-02-2015

model number: 132-33

Part Number: 132-33

Details: At OOLY, we love creating products that help people of all ages smile, explore their imaginations and express themselves. For more than ten years, we’ve been dreaming up all kinds of fun and functional products that inspire creativity. We’re constantly thinking up new ideas. If you have one, let us know! We’d love to hear from you. P.S. You may also know us by our original name, International Arrivals. We’ve changed our name to OOLY to reflect our passion for fun and creativity.

EAN: 7487993736407

Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches

Languages: English