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Cupcake Topper Toothpicks


Color: Natural


  • Natural Bamboo Skewers (Φ 3mm - 4 Inch, pack of 200). Environment friendly as birch wooden/wood toothpicks.
  • Food Grade: Clean, No Splits Debris. Each bamboo skewer is selected carefully makes cooking work perfect.
  • Transparent Cylinder Packaging: Prevent sharp points pierce packing , concise and safe as a storage tank for small items in daily life.
  • 100% Natural Bamboo Skewers: Suitable for appetizer picks, sanck, fruit salad, cake decoration, cupcake toppers, cheese, fondue, chocolate fountain, cocktail, DIY design, flower gardening and handicraft. BBQ skewers, grill sticks, roasting skewers for fish, seafood, hot dog, satay, city chicken, steak, vegetables, corn.
  • Our Bamboo Sticks may your best choice for outdoor grilling, wedding, party and family. Open top lid along arrow label. Recommend soaking in water for 30 minutes before use.

Publisher: TONGYE

Details: Welcome to our shop

Why choose us?
We focus on product quality and service. Through continuous improvement of products to meet customer pursuit of product quality,
so that customers can get the perfect shopping experience.

Our Product Design Process
The First Stage:
1. The market in the sale of bamboo skewers widespread debris and split phenomenon.
2. Bamboo skewers most of the use of plastic packaging, easy to puncture, is not conducive to carrying, sealing is not good.
3. Customers in the purchase of bamboo skewers, difficult to obtain the required size and quantity.
The Second Stage:
Through the first Stage of the research, we found that this is contrary to our design concept of the product, so we continue to Market tracking.
According to the feedback of the second stage user group, to the need to improve the place to poll, through the analysis of large data to improve the product.
The Third Stage:
We ensure that each bamboo skewer is carefully selected and no debris or split.
We improve the market in the sale of the original plastic packaging, the use of transparent cylinder packaging, safe and easy to carry,
will better protect bamboo skewers.
We provide various options of sizes and quantities of bamboo skewers to meet the customer's greatest demand for cooking work,
so that customers enjoy the cooking work to bring the greatest fun.

Please Attention:
1. Bamboo skewers are sharp, not children's toys, children should be used with adult guardianship.
2. Recommend you to cover the cylinder, to avoid messy. Whenever you complete a cooking work.
3. Recommend you to store bamboo skewers in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Look forward to your make better improvement suggestions for us. Welcome again!

UPC: 723740616248

EAN: 723740616248

Package Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.0 x 2.0 inches