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Halloween Smoke Machine

Brand: Transifun


  • One Key to Get Continuous Fog: Transifun fog machine supports automatic continuous fog after each warming up period. You only need press the remote once, then the machine will fog 30S, and warm up 1 minute automatically, and repeatedly cycle until no fog solution in tank.【NOTE: This fog machine ONLY works under 110-130V.】
  • Huge Output: The 500W smoke machine can produce regular, unscented fog very fast after every each warming up. The fog output is around 2500 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and 3-5 m volume distance.
  • RGB Party Lights: Equipped with 9 RGB party lights which supports 12 colors changing manually and 3 auto modes. You can use the remote to control the lights with fog or without fog, it will help to create a amazing vibe in party.
  • Widely to Use: The 3 AUTO modes of lights include JUMP/FADE/FLASH can change colors at different speeds automatically. It’s perfect for outdoor and indoor activities like holidays, parties, stages, weddings, live concerts, DJ and family gatherings, karaoke, etc.
  • Compact & Portable: Come with a compact handle which was portable for carrying and moving. Also, the flexible design make it spraying upwards when install as a holder. If you need any further help, please open the User Manual or click "Ask a question" via Amazon.

model number: LA-302402

Part Number: LA-302402

Details: Operational Instruction1 . Add a certain volume of professional fog fluid ( not included into its tank and screw tightly the cover of liquid.2 . Then plug power cable to the power socket. Press down the ON / OFF button on fog machine ( the button's inside red indicator light on ) to let it warm up3 . Wait about 4-5 minutes, when the green “ Fog ” button indicator light is on and " DI " sound ( very lower sound can be heard carefully ) indicate completing warm up process, the machine will be ready to work4 . You can press the fog “ ON ” button on the remote, and it will spray fog continuously about 30s, then stop spraying for warming up again And press fog “ OFF " button on the remote to stop. ( If you lost your remote control, please kindly let me know to get free replacement. Also you can keep pressing the fog button on machine to spray fog )5 . When the green " Fog " button light is off, the machine is heating. About 1 minute later, the green " Fog " button light on, it indicates completing warm up process. Then the machine will spray fog 30s automatically again6 . About the LED light, you can use the remote to control it. Press the " ON " button on the remote, the lights are on. Then you can choose the color or effect which you like. There are three auto mode light effects and 12 kinds different colors. If you do not need the light, you can press the LED " OFF button to turn off the lights.7 . Press the ON / OFF button again to power off fog machine and plug out power cable from power socket and store it in a cool , dry place

Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 6.9 x 6.0 inches

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